ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel #25

PSR Stockdogs is a family business where the love of Australian Shepherds and working stockdogs is a passion. Dawna Sims and Megan Sims-Kennedy are the trainers who have developed and refined their philosophy of training stockdogs and are now sharing it through online courses. To read more about our trainers, click the About Us button.

Our membership option is the way to go if you are serious about your journey with your herding dog.

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The Essential Foundation for Your Stockdog

This package includes 3 courses we use to provide an amazing start for your journey in herding. We begin with building a deep connection with our puppy or new dog, followed by a layered approach to teaching the commands and impulse control necessary for a partnership with our stockdogs.

Additional courses in the works:

  • Beginning Driving
  • Inside Flanks
  • Prepare for your HT or PT
  • Getting the "Get"
  • Understanding the Draw
  • Developing Square Flanks
  • Driving with Distance and Precision
  • Building Confidence in Your Dog
  • Take Pens - Quiet Control
  • Improving Your Gathers
  • Know Your Breed
  • Know Your Stock
  • Come to Camp with PSR
  • And much more.....